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Developer | Permaculturist | Runner | Photographer



Professionally, I create simple solutions for complex integration problems in the healthcare industry with ENQ. My work in this sector has primarily been accomplished with Ruby for the last several years. And while I love the Ruby language, recent experimentations with Go have opened up new opportunities that have me very excited for the future.


When I realized in the summer of 2013 that building a (mostly) self-sustaining, food-producing oasis in my urban backyard was possible, I've been learning all I can about permaculture to realize that possibility. Read more about this and other things at justajot.com.


A few years ago I ordered a pair of Vibrams and rediscovered a natural love of running. Then I ditched the shoes completely, let my feet and body teach me how to run, and completed a few 5Ks and ultra-marathons along the way. Each long distance trail race was an amazing experience and required a time input that I'm no longer able to maintain. Now I'm building muscle for strength and speed.


Photography has always been an interest of mine, one that only grew after I gave up music after college. I like to go out and try to make sense of the world with a camera to my eye. Some of the results of my photographic play can be found on photojot.com.


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