Hi. I’m Justin!

I love to connect with my body, mind and soul. I love to play. I love to explore. I love to laugh. I love to dive deep into whatever fascinates and entertains me in the moment.

In short, I love many, tiny specific little things. And, I love to love.

This is mostly a place to share ideas and knowledge with my future self. A series of semi-whenever somethings. And a huge bonus if you find something of value, too!

A reverse chronology of randomness …

Why put this here at all? Because I’m terrible at acknowledging my achievements and I’m way too quick to finish one thing and immediately pickup another without first giving myself some kudos. Everything is fun until it’s not, and rest is just as important as work … so here goes a bunch of randomness …


  • Completed initial training and certification requirements for the Texas Master Naturalist program. 40 more volunteer hours to go for double certification, and that sweet Texas ecoregion pin (I’m a sucker for awards I think).
  • Completed Level 1 of the Native Landscape Certification Program (NLCP) from the North Texas chapter of the Native Plant Society of Texas (NPSoT). Three more levels to go.


  • Applied for and got into the Texas Master Naturalist program with the Dallas chapter. The Texas Master Naturalist program is “a corps of well-informed volunteers [that] provide education, outreach, and service dedicated to the beneficial management of natural resources and natural areas.” This program is associated with the State of Texas, specifically Texas A&M AgriLife Extension and Texas Parks & Wildlife.
  • First (and second) time as a guest with the Another Way to See It podcast.


  • Ran my first hundred miler: Rio del Lago 100. I proudly came in as last male at 29 hours and 52 minutes (yes I was on the trail that long, and no I did not sleep).
  • Failed a really tough race: Castle Peak 100K (2021). Made it through 32 miles mostly fresh, but sadly mismanaged my time and missed the cutoff. Bummer. Really great time with friends though!
  • Completed coaching training for the path to the Associated Certified Coach (ACC) credential with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).
  • Completed requirements to become a Certified Life Coach from Lumia Coaching (formerly JRNI Coaching).


  • Decided it was time to put that lifelong desire of helping others to use. Because I finally figured out what felt right: life coaching. Once I figured out that life coaching wasn’t about giving advice, everything seemed to fall into place.
  • Pando.


  • Became a father.
  • Ran my first 50 miler: Rocky Raccoon 50.


  • Ran my first ultramarathon! And marathon! Rockledge Rumble 50k.


  • Moved into the best apartment ever.


  • Became a husband.


  • Completed a bachelors degree in Information Systems in the business school at the University of Texas at ArlingtonGraduated college. I think it was with honors … Magna Cum Laude? Does it matter? I’ve learned so much since then.


  • Graduated