I’m so tired of seeing “loose” used for the word “lose” all over the web. This seems to be an increasingly common grammatical error. If Lose and Loose were to get in a fight, I think Lose might actually lose, especially if they were to fight in a loose manner.

I wonder where this misspelling originated from? Maybe it has something to do with the ridiculous nature of English spelling … I mean, doesn’t “luze” make more sense?

In other news, people can’t spell “definitely.” It’s not “definately.” It doesn’t come with an “A.” Nobody wanted to buy that vowel. “A” is dumb. I is better. NO! I AM better. Now we get the best of both worlds. I and the letter A used together. Crap, I should have quoted the “I.” People are going to think “I”‘m weird. Oh noes.

And yes, I really am tired of seeing “loose” instead of “lose” and “definately” instead of “definitely.” Maybe this will help someone spell these words correctly, or possibly use this knowledge to further irritate me and others.