What goes well with notebooks? Pens! Since my last post was about notebooks, it only makes sense for this one to be about pens. Right? Right.

Earlier this year I was on an all out yetti hunt to find the perfect notebook after Moleskine completely screwed their previously lovely square-ruled notebook with ink dark enough to compete with my own writing. The quest was successful after I found my perfect notebook in the Behance Dot Grid Journal. The bright green strap just does it for me.

For the Dot Grid Journal, my favorite pen so far is the Papermate Flair UF. The Fisher Space Pen is great if you’re into ballpoints, as is the Parker Jotter. And while I have the stainless steel version, I far prefer the lime green (yes, bright green is a favorite color of mine). The weight and feel is a bit different too, and I actually like the colored plastic versions better.

If I were still writing on Moleskines, there is no question what pen I would be using: the Pilot Hi-Tec-C. And to make things more interesting, there have been a few successful Kickstarter projects for better housings.

My choice would be the Render K. Just something about it. I haven’t felt like forking over $40 just yet though. Hmmm, the PHX-Pen looks interesting as well. Decisions, decisions.