A star wants to see himself rise to the top.

A leader wants to see those around him rise to the top. – Simon Sinek

I spent a large part of today either in a coaching class around branding or thinking about branding. Much of the material and ideas originated from Simon Sinek’s work, so I thought it only appropriate to quote him today.

Sinek’s most famous work is all about finding and starting from your why. Why is it that you do what it is that you do? That’s what people truly care about – not what you do, but why you do it.

Do you know your why? If not, it’s a question to live with – a question worth answering – and an answer that changes over time. I believe the world becomes a better place each time a person truly answers this question – when the answer comes from deep within you.

Why? Because then you’re on a mission of purpose. Because then you can more easily say yes or no to things to stay in alignment with your why. Because then … because then happiness more readily presents itself before you. And isn’t that what most of us, if not all of us want in life? To be happy?

But what the fuck does happiness have to do with leadership?

The answer to this question is deeply personal. It’s the answer to my own why, or at least as clearly as I have been able to answer it thus far.

My why is about leading others into their own greatness. This is what brings me true happiness – helping others get to a state of thriving, to watch them rise to the top.

More on this on day eleven.

Handwritten with a vintage Parker 51 fountain pen. Pilot Iroshizuku shin-kai ink. Midori MD notebook. I like handwriting these quotes. Maybe it’s time to work on the quality and consistency of my handwriting? Hmmm. Couldn’t hurt. Is it worth it? Maybe. Maybe not.