… and to find them takes consistent practice, consistent inner work to tap into the universal energy where the answers are dancing around in space like feathers, waiting for you to get still enough to gracefully fall into your lap.

This requires quiet. Quieting thoughts – the endless, mindless chatter of the ego self. The goal is to connect with the higher Self, thereby connecting with the universal energy of the universe.

At least this is how it works for me. And I realize this may sound like complete bullshit. I would have said as much for a good portion of my life. Ah well. It turns out I knew about as much then as I do now, which is not much at all. 😄

In my experience, the more consistently I practice doing the inner work, the more I connect with my higher Self and the better my life seems to get.

There are many ways to do the work and all seem to be same, same, just as how we describe what we are connecting with is same, same. As Jen Sincero puts it in You Are A Badass:

Call it whatever you want, God, Goddess, The Big Guy, The Universe, Source Energy, Higher Power, The Grand Poobah, gut, intuition, Spirit, The Force, The Zone, The Lord, The Vortex, The Mother Lode—it doesn’t matter.

What matters is the quieting of the mind. And quite possibly not filling it with bullshit on a daily basis.

I have some experience quieting my mind in several ways: running, yoga, meditation, journaling, breathwork, entheogens, general mindfulness, and combinations thereof. All are good.

And the not filling my mind with bullshit? This has meant cutting out a lot of TV, news, reframing thoughts, and being very careful about who and what I let into my head. It makes a big difference. It REALLY, really does.

Through this work I’ve been able to get more and more clear on maybe the most important question of all: what the fuck am I here for?

Oohh, that’s a fun one. 😆