After so many years of reading and taking meticulous notes on whatever seems to interest me in the moment, I began to wonder why I was spending so much effort collecting information. I mean, I love to learn, but why hoard the notes?

It wasn’t until I came across Tiago Forte’s work that it all came together: The ultimate purpose of collecting information is to share what you’ve organized and distilled with others.

Information becomes knowledge – personal, embodied, verified – only when we put it to use.

– Tiago Forte, Building a Second Brain

I have a lot I’d like to learn in the next few years. Information that I need to turn into knowledge in order to turn a few bigger dreams into reality.

Five Things posts are simply five things I’ve learned from a book or podcast or some other material I’ve come across. My hope is to connect ideas together from diverse topics to generate new knowledge. Let’s see where this goes.