I’ve been wanting to run a 5k in less than 20 minutes since I started running over 6 years ago. Admittedly the last few years have been sparse - probably due to the demands of my four year old daughter. But she’s getting a bit more independent these days and I have a bit more time to get back into running.

After discovering and reading Eric Orton’s The Cool Impossible, I decided his approach was a great way to build up a great running foundation. So, that’s what I plan on doing for the next six months.

I’m marking this date as the beginning of my journey to a sub 20 minute 5k. Let’s see how long it takes …

An update. It’s now November, 2018, more than two years after my initial attempt. That attempt admittedly did not go well. It wasn’t the right time. It was close, but I needed another year.

When my daughter got into the swing of kindergarten, I did too. I had more time and dedicated a lot of that time to work. When things eased up a bit, I found myself running more, strength training more, and slowly remade that initial committment to myself to become a faster runner.

So in March of this year I got serious. It was time. And now I’m keeping an online training log and running notes over at Just Run Free (update: removed).