I’ve spent so much time working away from home the past couple of months as it’s hard for me to concentrate on anything at home while living in the midst of renovations. Native Coffee Co is one of my favorite places to sit and work because the coffee is delicious (I almost always drink black), it’s close to the house, and … well, it’s comfortable … the vibe is good.

I haven’t been doing much other than working and getting our home in order and frankly, it’s a little soul-sucking. Together they have been all-consuming and my time for certain types of play has greatly diminished. The balance is off.

But this is just the pendulum swinging hard in the other direction for a while, moving through the harder stuff so I can settle into balance once again and find new peace. A balance to thrive upon and go out and experience more of the absolute awesomeness this world has to offer.

I’ve been doing a ton of reflecting lately, and I realized earlier this week that my decision to maintain flexibility over strict profit-seeking was maybe the best decision I’ve ever made and kept. It hasn’t always felt that way, but I feel these decisions are at the cusp of paying off handsomely.

We shall see.