After so many months off, I’m officially back to practicing the yoga of simple kettlebell lifts and running.

Today I reached Program Minimum standards from the Kettlebell Simple & Sinister book. This is essentially 10x10 one-armed swings within 5 minutes, followed by 10x Turkish get-ups within 10 minutes with a 1 minute rest in-between swings and get-ups.

Am I capable of more weight right now? Yes, absolutely. At what cost? I’m not sure.

What I ultimately want is to keep consistency and build up very slowly to Program Minimum with a 32kg kettlebell. To practice the movements in-tune with my breath in a manner similar to how I taught myself how to run efficiently all those years ago.

It’s this type of foundational work and focusing on my breath that ultimately got me through my hundred miler last November. I’m so fucking proud of that accomplishment, especially considering the extreme lack of running I did leading up to the race. While I don’t want to toe the line for another hundred with so little running ever again, I’m so grateful for what that experience taught me.

I have some big things in store, both on and off the trail … and it’s absolutely this type of daily training that provides the foundation for it all coming together.

btw, the house is part of that foundation and it has been one of my primary focuses lately. While there is so much that is not done, the floors are and they are gorgeous!